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Access to
Bringing together multicultural teams for co-creation of innovative solutions in healthcare systems.

Why Access To Health

According to the World Bank (2014), access to quality and affordable health is a constitutional right, but millions of Kenyan citizens cannot afford to pay for services in public and private hospitals; with few medical personnel, expensive services, limited funding, equipments and facilities, citizens  continue to experience these challenges. KMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme(2019) shows, only the wealthiest Kenyans can access better medical protection, with only 3% of the Kenyans having insurance coverage compared to 38% among the wealthy citizens. There is one doctor for every 10,000 people instead of 3 per 10,000(IS Global, 2017).

There is a broad social consensus on the need to maintain a public, universal, quality and tax-financed healthcare system. By law, the right to health in the Basque Country is guaranteed, however, in practice, social determinants affect different groups, especially those in vulnerable situations.

A report by the Borgen project (2019) states that although the health care system in Senegal is improving, there is still a lack of effort to address health disparities within the population. As a result, only 32 percent of rural households have access to regular health care.

Despite the health solutions being developed every year, we are still a long way out from solving several health challenges, and it is for this reason that we still need to continue innovating to increase the odds of tackling the health challenges we face in Kenya and the rest of the world. The innovative solutions will help improve access of services and products and creation of employment for the youth. It will also break down barriers and change the health ecosystem in the world.

This Edition

The Africa Basque Challenge is a youth innovation challenge that brings together youth from different countries to co-create impactful solutions for their communities. The challenge is organized by Modragon Team Academy, Zuhura Innovations Africa, Anesvad and Diversity 4 Equality.

The challenge is targeting youth age 18 to 35 years, living in Kenya, Senegal and the Basque county age 18 to 45 years. It will have 40 participants, 6 Kenya, 17 Senegal and 17 Basque county, who will form multicultural teams to innovatively create solutions that will breakdown barrier in access to health.

The challenge will have 2 boot camps for 7 days each.

  • 1st boot camp in Senegal on October  2022
  • Online working for teams to develop their ideas further
  • 2nd boot camp in the Basque Country on Dicember 2022
  • Online incubation with our global partners

Program Overview


Age: 18-35 Years

17 participants

Basque Country 2

Age: 18-45 Years

17 participants


Age: 18-35 Years

6 participants


  • Be committed
  • Passionate about creating positive impact to your community
  • Projects will be co-created during the program.

*Program will be in English

Those 40 participants don’t have to be entrepreneurs, we are searching for motivation! We are searching for youngsters who want to “change the world”, work in social entrepreneurship and build a viable venture through this experience

What do the participants commit to?

  • Take an active part in all the process.
  • Winning teams will have to create a real company in Kenya, Senegal or Basque Country. 
  • All initiatives created have to be designed for Senegal, Kenya or Basque Country, preferably in Africa.
  • The initiatives created will have to respond to social challenges through the right to health or the influence of the climate emergency on the right to health


    • There is no cost or fee to participate in the Africa Basque Challenge. 

Module 1: Introduction and Context Setting

  • Africa Basque Challenge presentation
  • The right to health in Kenya, Senegal and Basque Country
  • Diversity & Culture workshop, understanding our identity.
  • Impact Business Methodology tools and workflow presentation
  • Social Entrepreneurship + Social Innovation. 
  • Inspirations from Kenya, Senegal and Basque Country.

Senegal Bootcamp :  (The trip to Dakar, Senegal will depend on the current situation of the pandemic) 

  • Africa Basque Challenge Opportunities, official opening ceremony
  • Challenge Identification and Team creation
  • Tools and methodologies for audiovisual communication
  • Research 
  • interviews and collection of testimonies
  • Research
  • Ideation
  • Ideation and Summary

Module 3: Building a Social Enterprise (Distance work)

  • Market Validation
  • Prototyping
  • Financial Modeling
  • Reflection and Summary

Module 4: Understanding and Sharing Your Social Enterprise (Distance Work)

  • Social Business Model
  • Impact Measurement 
  • Communicating Your Social Enterprise via Marketing, PR, and Storytelling 
  • Testing your message
  • Reflection and Summary

Bootcamp 2: Pitching the Initiative (The trip to the Basque Country will depend on the current situation of the pandemic.)

  • Pitching preparation
  • Final Event and pitching presentation to impact investors.

During the final event a jury will evaluate the best 4 initiatives presented. Those initiatives will have an acceleration program with an online accelerator to launch the company and start the activity. Apart from that, they will have a small economic support to cover the expenses for the registration process of the company and first steps.

Application requirements

To enter the challenge, applicants must submit their motivational video and fill in the application form provided on the ABC website.
The idea proposed must:
I. be original and developed by the applicant
II. be in English
III. not be offensive, or contain inappropriate content, discriminatory ,or illegal, or unlawful
IV. not contain unauthorised material from third party or entity

I. Limit of one application per person
II. Applicants must be of age 18- 35 years

Applications will be dismissed if they are late, damaged (uploaded files won’t open) or incomplete.

Selected applicants will be notified by email. Applicants may have to prove that they are the authorised account holders of the email address used for submission.

Senegal Bootcamp
A boot camp will be held In Dakar on October 2022. For Senegal participants joining from outside Dakar will be responsible for their transport to Dakar and we will provide accommodation and food during the boot camp. If there are any government imposed restrictions we cannot facilitate entry into Dakar to attend the boot camp.

For participants from the Basque Country, you will be responsible for your transport to Bilbao and we will provide for flight to Dakar, accommodation and food during the boot camp.

For participants from Kenya, you will be responsible for your transport to Nairobi and we will provide for flight to Dakar, accommodation and food during the boot camp.

Basque Country Bootcamp
Due to the current situation the plans for boot camp in the Basque country are uncertain. We would like to keep the spirit of co-creation alive through connection via online activities.

If the conditions allow for travel to the Basque country for the bootcamp we will proceed with the trip. For participants from Kenya, you will be responsible for your transport to Nairobi and we will provide for flight to the Basque Country, accommodation and food during the boot camp. Participants will be responsible for their own visa, COVID- 19 tests and vaccines if required.

For participants from Senegal, you will be responsible for your transport to Dakar and we will provide for flight to the Basque Country, accommodation and food during the boot camp. Participants will be responsible for their own visa, COVID- 19 tests and vaccines if required.

Challenge participation
The participation of the challenge will be in co-creation teams. You will be required to exchange ideas and come up with a single project with team-mates of your choosing for the program.

Intellectual property
During the program the selected ideas will be shared with the co-creation teams, judges, ABC partner organization, and may be shared to third parties during events. By submitting a proposal, you waive any claim that anything included in your submission is proprietary or confidential. The submission may become public, and others exposed to your submission, including but not limited to Zuhura team, Judges, and affiliates, may be working on similar ideas or technology now or in the future. ABC and its partner organizations will not be liable.

The applicant warrants that their application is their original work and they are the sole and exclusive owners of their submission and its intellectual property rights. The submission doesn’t infringe on any third party intellectual property rights. Images of participants may be taken during the boot camp and they’d be required to sign a release to allow use.

By submitting your idea you agree that your personal data entered during registration or included in your Application or Submission, including your name, phone number, and email address may be processed, stored, shared and otherwise used for the purposes of administering the Challenge and within the context of the Challenge.

Images of participants may be taken during the boot camp and they’d be required to sign a consent form to allow for their use.

Any bad conduct or false information provided may result in the immediate elimination from the Challenge

Right to Terminate, Modify or disqualify
Africa Basque Challenge reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Challenge at any time and disqualify any team/individual which it reasonably believes has:

(1) tampered with the submission process or any other part of the Challenge or Challenge Site, (2) attempted to undermine the legitimate operation of the Challenge by cheating, deception, (3) been involved in other unfair practices, (4) annoyed, abused, threatened or harassed any other organizations, Africa Basque Challenge, or the Judges, or (5) submitted an application that does not meet the application requirements or does not otherwise comply with the rules.

Disclaimer: This call doesn’t impose any legal obligations to Africa Basque Challenge or any of the organizations affiliated with it.

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