Terms and Conditions


Application requirements
Applications must be submitted between 31st July, 2021.
To enter the challenge, applicants must submit their motivational video and fill in the application form provided on the Africa Basque Challenge.

The idea proposed must:
a. be original and developed by the applicant
b. be in English
c. not be offensive, or contain inappropriate content, discriminatory ,or illegal, or unlawful
d. not contain unauthorized material from third party or entity

a. Limit of one application per person.
b. Applicants must be of age 18- 35 years.
c. Selected applicants must be residing in Nairobi in order to be able to attend the
incubation and bootcamp without needing accommodation from us.
d. Applicants may have to prove that they are the authorized account holders of the email address used for submission.
e. Applications will be dismissed if they are late, damaged (uploaded files won’t open) or incomplete.
f. Selected applicants will be notified by to be confirmed email.

Challenge participation.
The participation of the challenge will be in co-creation teams.
Applicants have to live in Nairobi or its environs and will be able to commute easily to attend the bootcamp.

Intellectual property
During the program the selected ideas will be shared with the co-creation teams, judges, ABC employees, and may be shared to third parties during events.
By submitting the proposal, you waive any claim that anything included in your submission is proprietary or confidential. The submission may become public, and others exposed to your submission, including but not limited to ABC team, Judges, and affiliates, may be working on similar ideas or technology now or in the future. ABC is not liable.
The applicant warrants that their application is their original work and they are the sole and exclusive owners of their submission and its intellectual property rights. The submission doesn’t infringe on any third party intellectual property rights.

Images of participants may be taken during the boot camp and they’d be required to sign a release to allow use.

By submitting your idea you agree that your personal data entered during registration or included in your Application or Submission, including your name, phone number, and email address may be processed, stored, shared and otherwise used for the purposes of administering the Challenge and within the context of the Challenge

Selected participants will be required to provide:
a. certificate of good conduct ( if applicable)
b. commitment letter
c. learning contract

Selected applicants will be required to sign a commitment agreement.

If a selected applicant does not stay to the end of the process they’ll be required to refund ABC up to 100% of the money invested in them.

The winning projects will be evaluated based on a selection criteria and external judges hand picked by the ABC team.

There will be three winning team (1st, 2nd, 3rd)  respectively
The money will be held by Africa Basque Challenge. It will directly go into the project’s
investments. It must be used in 1 year. In no case shall the money be given directly to the team members.
Laws and regulations of Kenya will apply

Any bad conduct or false information provided may result in the immediate elimination from the Challenge

Right to Terminate, Modify or disqualify
Africa Basque Challenge reserves the right in its sole discretion to cancel, terminate, modify, or suspend the Challenge at any time and disqualify any team/individual which it reasonably believes has:

(1) tampered with the submission process or any other part of the Challenge or Challenge Site, (2) attempted to undermine the legitimate operation of the Challenge by cheating, deception, (3) been involved in other unfair practices, (4) annoyed, abused, threatened or harassed any other organizations, Africa Basque Challenge, or the Judges, or (5) submitted an application that does not meet the application requirements or does not otherwise comply with the rules. In the event that vaccination will be required for travel, each participant will be responsible for this.

Disclaimer: This call doesn’t impose any legal obligations to Africa Basque Challenge and all organizations affiliated with it. In the event that vaccination will be required for travel, each participant will be responsible for complying.

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